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Good Vibes

Good Vibes was filmed and recorded live at Optimist Studios in Los Angeles, CA with musicians and singers from Berlin, Gothenburg & Los Angeles, including the vocals of singer Amy Keys. Conducted by PC Nackt.

The Music Movement

This breathtakingly epic track uses Sekou's inspirational poetry to celebrate the impact of music in every aspect of our lives. From the power of music to bring cultures together, to music as a healing force, to the importance of music in school, this piece reminds us why we can’t help but be MOVED by music! 

Sekou Andrews +
The String Theory 

Sekou Andrews has spent the past 15+ years inspiring audiences across the globe as one of the most successful, full-time spoken word artists on the planet.

So the opportunity to partner with an alternative symphony orchestra, The String Theory, to create a genre-bending fusion of poetry and
orchestral music was in perfect alignment with Sekou’s mission to help millions of people find their voice and to create a commercially viable industry for the art form of spoken word.

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